Commercial Useful Function

Government agencies have verified that G&C performs a commercial useful function. These agencies have visited our warehouse and confirmed that G&C holds a security interest in the material and supplies sold by G&C. They also confirmed that G&C has on site personnel to source material pricing,  negotiate bill of ladings, receive and dispatch material at the job site. It was also confirmed that G&C provided pricing sheets, canceled checks to vendors, bill of ladings where applicable.  G&C actively participates in meetings with contractors, regarding change orders, project status etc. and has it own transportation equipment.

Caltrans Commercial Useful Function Letter:

Caltrans Letter

MTA Commercial Useful Function Letter:

Metro Express Lane Letter

Walsh Commercial Useful Function Letter:

Crenshaw Letter

Skanska Commercial Useful Function Letter:

Regional Letter

Federal Transit Administration Commercial Useful Function Letter

FTA Letter